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Wildwood Tune Icons
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Welcome to Wildwood Tune the current arts journal of selena_guardi. I'm searching for co-makers in this journal, so feel free to post a comment with some icon/art samples of yours.

# contents
I'm posting mostly icons, wallpapers, banners, manips, drawings and sometimes paintings. I offer tutorials, textures and requests sometimes.

# rules
If you take any of my art please credit wildwood_tune. Do not consider my art as yours. Do not use textless icons as bases (if not stated otherwise) or do not change any of my art. I'm always open for criticism but try to avoid offensive language and do not insult other users. Comments are always welcome ♥ and if you like my journal feel free to join.

# affiliates
I affiliate with arts journals only! If you want to be an affiliate read this entry (with a list of my affiliates) and post a comment. It might take some days for me to answer because I'm not always checking this post so be patient.

# resources
All my resources may it be pictures, brushes or textures are listed here. I'm really trying to keep this list up to date but I'm really busy. If I used something made by you without giving credit please tell me.

So enjoy Wildwood Tune and come back for more arts any time.